Pleased to meet you!

picture of Tennille

"T" is short for "Tennille," which is almost always impossible to spell. :)

I'm a creative portrait and commercial photographer located in the DC Metro area.

Born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, I migrated north for a double major in engineering and English at Virginia Tech. In time, my love of literature and language overshadowed all else, and I finished school with a Masters of English and a hunger for stories. Although much of my "adult" life has been spent telling stories via technical jargon as a patent writer, my love of visual story-telling bloomed early 2012 when I fell in love with a group of inspiring new photogs in a local photography class. Crafting my ability to connect with others through visual story telling has been a game changer for me, and I'm ever in search of nurturing seasoned and discovering new connections.

I prefer hugs to handshakes, grits to oatmeal, and I love capturing stories with my camera.

Everyone has a story! Call me today to capture yours: 703-239-4752