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Photography is subjective, as is any art. The style of camera, poses, and post-processing filters in fashion today will undoubtably give way to new or reimagined ones in the future. Which begs the question, in searching for a professional photographer, how much do you know about his/her style? Even further, how well do you know the quality of his/her prints?

Photography is everywhere, no doubt. In our world of cell phones and Instagram, everyone is a photographer. And as they should be. What better way to capture on-the-fly candids than with your phone?

But! For those of you looking to make a photography investment by hiring a professional photographer, for family portraits, baby portraits, or wedding photos? Think twice and dive deep into your photographer's style. Because his/her style may not only effect how your investment looks today but also how it ages and archives.

Check out this article from Pavel Kounine on "The Faded Vintage Film Look" that's become so popular in the wedding world. Did you know that style actually originates from "bad photography"? I didn't either until I read Pavel's article.

Perhaps most of note is this:
"Sadly, some wedding photographers use the fading technique too liberally. This is bad news for clients that plan on printing wedding photos. Printed photos generally have a narrower tonal range than the professional computer monitors used by wedding photographers. The most effective way to maximise the quality of printed wedding photos is to ensure that the source images span as much of their captured tonal range as possible. When people print wedding photos with heavy fading, such as those edited to have the faded vintage “film look”, that narrow range of tones is squeezed into the even narrower tonal range of the print and results in a dull looking photo."

The bottom line? Grill your professional photographer. Make sure they know their stuff, not just for displaying your investment via the web but also for creating print archives of those irreplaceable moments. 



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