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Hey! How are you archiving those photos?

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picture of a polaroid pictureFort Washington, MDJust one of the many creative ways print photos can be used...

Yep, digital photos rock...

With the advent of digital and cell phone photography, anyone can be a photographer these days. In fact, photographing an experience and sharing those photos on Facebook or Instagram is often how we process our adventures. It’s just what we do! 

So why do you want a professional photographer?

Hiring a professional photographer is a real investment. One in which you really should pause to consider, a) why am I hiring a professional? And b) what will I do with the resulting photos? 

So often clients call me for portraits, and they don’t know why they’re calling me other than to “preserve this moment" in their lives. 

Because you wanna be in pictures!

Yes, capturing the moment and capturing it beautifully is important! But it’s only half of the "picture". The other half is, how will you preserve and share that moment? Will your memories only live on Facebook? Or will they live on the walls of your home in a large print you’ll hang in your family room? How about a gallery of beautiful family portraits in a main hallway? Or a coffee table book that your kids can thumb through for years to come? 

Whatever your reason, pause and give thought to what you want to do with your professional photos. Because whether you realize it or not, the final outcome of how you will display and archive those photos is part of the planning in creating them!

About the author: T is a professional portrait and commercial photographer located in Springfield, VA. Visit her website here, her Facebook page here, or her Instagram feed here.  Want to chat with T directly? Give her a call at 703-239-4752.



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